--> Save Water Drink Champagne

Save Water Drink Champagne

fraternalclassics: Super creepy, but I'm like 90% sure I saw you walking in to the clubhouse at Saratoga today

Lol thats crazy you should of said hi!

vogueugov: your blog is adorable! check out mine sometime? xx

I will right now sweetie

Anonymous: Where are you going to college?

I am still in high school unfortunately

Anonymous: You're cute

Thx babe

Been a great race meet.

Saratoga 2014 until next year.. @brianbadgett @ejm103 @baileyromans @tealyyyy @rtmott17 @rmclaughlin12 @rjclancy6 @jclancy96 @bradweisbord @jasonhennig @instagramlesstom @instagramlessbrandon @hanjaleena @rebeccaweisbord @alexisvetter @liza_hendriks @dbloomyyy .. Hope i didn’t miss anyone (at Saratoga Springs NY)

With our two closets together we have every single Lilly dress.. Not even exaggerating @lillypulitzer  (at Saratoga Racecourse Clubhouse)
Summer hair and lilly dresses

twinning at work
Ily Toga  (at Saratoga Springs, New York)

Ludaaaa (at Saratoga Racecourse Clubhouse)
#TraversDay (at Saratoga Race Course)